We provide manufacturers and buyers the confidence to commit to the design, production or procurement of a product or system.

We align the vision of designers and manufacturers with the needs of operational end-users. We support specification and design, through to testing during training and operations.

Military, police and governments have to make challenging decisions on the specification, selection and procurement of operational equipment. We ensure that decisions do not become costly mistakes.

Our subject matter experts have decades of operational and instructional expertise gained from military, police and other governmental agencies, providing a world-class resource to those we support.

We provide Police inspected, approved and registered secure storage, on a closed, access-controlled site with 24-hour manned security.

… 5th Generation Solutions provided the staff, facilities and materials to provide testing of our ballistic and force-protection products. Their evaluation and the feedback report helped us better understand our product and its capability – something of huge importance prior to it being assessed by the UK Ministry of Defence…”

Managing Director, Ballistic Protection Manufacturer

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